About Us



-Altıntel  Seaport And Terminal Enterprises is very sensitive about the issues of health, workplace safety, environmental protection and total quality approach.

-Terminal has ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001-2007 and OHSAS 16001-2003 certifications and is under the supervision of BV.

-In order to preserve the environment, which is an indispensable value of our lives;

Storage tanks (acrylates),

Loading platforms fillings,

Are connected to the Scrubber Units by means of individual lines, which neutralizes the fuses that evaporate from the chemicals.

-To help prevent the waste material from being discharged into the sea,  Altıntel Seaport and Terminal Enterprises is capable of taking over the waste material from the berthing vessels and transporting them to disposal facilities.

-In order to prevent hostile threats that could come from the sea,  Altıntel is within ISPS CODE system.

-The Facilities are fully covered by a sophisticated fire prevention/intervention system and terminal automation system that would react instantly in case of fire or any other case of emergency. The system is composed of  water lines for fire extinguishing purposes; stationary/mobile water and foam units, alcohol and protein type of foam stocks,  water reserve tanks and depots, diesel and electric fire pumps and most important of all, 22 fire watchtowers equipped with remotely controlled water turrets  that encircle the tank farms and the rest of the facilities.

-Aside from the liquid chemical products, Altıntel also serves as a storage location for dry cargo, packed products etc. in 2 General Warehouses (1 open 1 closed)

As Altıntel Seaport and Terminal Enterprises, all our staff is doing their utmost to attain highest standards in service quality in order to achieve customer satisfaction at all times and under all circumstances.

Our only and indispensable goal is to meet the needs and expectations of our clients perfectly, completely and to provide economical utilization of resources, to minimize the waste materials and to establish healthy working conditions.