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Liquid Storage Terminal

Storage operations of liquid bulk chemicals:

Altıntel’s Liquid  Terminal has a Tank farm consisting of 63 individual tanks with a total storage capacity of 82.825 m3. Tanks have varying volumes from 300 m3  upto 2950 m3, of which are suitable for the storage of many liquid chemicals and petroleum products. 

The tanks are made from black carbon steel  and are all equipped with automatic measuring systems. Some tanks have features such as plated inner surfaces, nitrogen blanketing, internal floating roof etc. depending on the storage requirements of  different products. 

Tank Farm:  

 1    x       300 m3
 2    x       450 m3
 17  x       550 m3
 1    x     1100 m3

 6    x     1250 m3
 26  x     1550 m3

 5    x     1725 m3
 5    x     2950 m3


Total =  82825 m3