About Us

Mission, Vision and Quality Policy


To be an exemplar company that ensures safety and respectability, customer satisfaction, environmental-consciousness while keeping the quality of its products and services in the foreground by continuous improvements. 
To become one of the leading companies and a distinguished brand name in its sector, that emphasizes the importance of speed,  technology and sustainable improvement, a company which is making a difference with its products and services.
Quality Policy 
Sınce its foundation, Altıntel Port and Terminal Enterprises has been meticulously looking out to provide quality services while continuously improving/upgrading its technology, preserving the environment and taking extra safety measures.
In order to sustain and to preserve these standards we try:
- To abide by Total Quality Principles,
- To ensure that ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001 Work Safety Standards are fully met. 
- To evaluate the needs of our customers and to provide services that meets these needs,
- To continuously improve our services and to raise them above the customer expectations;
- To always have good working relationships with our customers,
- To constantly try to reduce carbon footprint values, the effect on nature and the consumption of natural resources,
- To maintain a safe and unhazardous working environment for our personnel  
- To completely fulfill the legal obligations put on Altıntel through national and international regulations,
- To improve our services by using the latest technology possible in the market,
- To keep our personnel motivated and satisfied through proper education and career opportunities
 These guidelines are taken into consideration during the periodic controls in order to investigate whether our Integrated Management System is in compliance with them and to make improvements where available.