About Us

Altıntel Integrity Management Policy

Our Mission, Vision and Strategy is;
To become one of the leading and respected companies in its sector,
To support sustainable improvement and to improve our services by using the latest technology in the market,
To become a company which is making difference with its products and services,
To completely fulfill the legal obligations through national and international regulations by considering on business ethics,
To maintain a safe and non-hazardous working environment for all our activities,
To keep our personnel and subcontractor workers motivated through proper education and to encourage them to create new ideas to develop services,
To obtain necessary manning, technological and financial resources to achieve our goals and objectives,
To ensure Responsible Care, Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, ISPS and Total Integrated Management System Standards are fully met and continiously to be improved,

Our Quality Policy is;
To evaluate the needs of our customers and to provide services that meets these needs,
To adopt and to apply the working principles in line with business continuity policy,
To maintain high quality preservation for the property of the customer,
To ensure perpetual improvement of our services and to raise them above the customer expectations,
To continously evaluate risks and oppurtunites to increase the quality of services and customer satisfaction,

Our Environment Policy is;
To prevent pollution in its source, to minimise wastes, and to reduce the negative effect of our activities to the nature by carrying out life-cycle assesments,
To consume natural resources effectively,
To raise environmental awareness by informing and training all our employees and stakeholders,

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy is;
To avoid injuries and breakdowns,
To minimise OHS risks by eliminating and replacing hazards,
To encourage employee participations for OHS issues by means of themselves and their representatives,
To inform about our OHS goals and targets to employees and stakeholders,
To build up and to ensure the continuity of OHS culture,

Our Security Policy is,
To prevent occurance of facility and information security deficits and violations
To encourage employees to participate in and to improve awareness of Security culture,
To protect property, employees, third parties and visitors  24h/7d by the help of competent and accredited security personnel,
To comply by all legal legislations regarding security and information security,
To manage emergency cases effectively where necessary,

We declare that it is our commitment to review and to improve our Integrated Management Policy periodically, to measure our performance whether our management system is in compliance with the regarding standards.